Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

‘Faith’ may be a small word in the English language; however, the meaning is deep.  We often hear people use the phrase “leap of faith” making it sound like someone is jumping into something blindly.  As a Christ follower, it merely means that we trust God.

Three years ago, Brother Ray Jones trusted God with the vision of a Christian school and took a leap of faith.  The school board and executive director looked at numerous curriculums, space in the church, technology, and finances and they took a leap of faith.  Educators were interviewed, resumes prayed over, and teachers were hired. Relying on faith, our school was born. The school has continued to grow according to God’s timing and plan.  Our leadership has had faith in God’s plan from the beginning. He continues to bless us as RCA has not just grown in number, but in additions to the Kingdom of God.

We are so thankful for the faith of the parents who continue to enroll their children in our school.  They do this knowing that God has been faithful each year growing our student body, our faculty, administration, classrooms and so much more.  The parents are trusting RCA to educate and teach their children not just academically but spiritually.  Teachers combine the curriculum, their personal experiences, and the Word of God in every classroom.

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year has recently opened. This is my first enrollment period since becoming principal, and the amount of interest and registration numbers have me very excited for the coming school year. With this new growth, comes its own set of challenges. My mind has been in overdrive as I work with other administrators to accommodate God’s blessing of this expansion. We still have many items to cover before the next school year; however, we are leaning on our faith in God’s plan.

From the start, God has provided all our needs for RCA. In Luke 18:27, we are reminded that “What is impossible with man is possible with God”. Faith and trust in God’s timing and plan is what the foundation of our school was built on, and it’s what the growth of our school will continue to rely on.


Ms. Deborah Jones


Ridgecrest Christian Academy