Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

WOW! It is hard to believe that our school year has come and gone! It has been a great year with so much to look back on and remember. This year we have learned to be rooted in God, the Bible, and the church. We have grown in love, hope, and gratitude; and we have been challenged to thrive in the mission of God and obedience.

We began our year with new teachers, a new principal, and several new students. September brought the celebration of our grandparents and praying for RCA around our flagpole. This was followed by several field trips and being thankful for all the blessings God has given us as we shared a meal with parents. Spring brought with it another new teacher, several more new students, but most importantly, nine new lives were surrendered to Christ as nine of our students this year asked Christ to be Lord of their lives and to live in their hearts. God is good!

RCA students, thank you for making my first year as principal so rewarding. I have loved watching each of you grow this year. You look a little older, you have grown a little taller, but most of all, you have grown spiritually, academically, and socially. I could not be prouder. Thank you for your hugs, high fives, special drawings, sweet notes, smiles, hard work, and positive attitudes. You are the best students around!

RCA faculty, thank you all for your hard work in your classrooms and always working as a team. Each of you give so much time and energy to make our school great. Thank you for always offering grace, patience, love, support, encouragement, and care for each of our students. We are truly a great team. I am blessed by each of you.

Finally, to the parents. Thank you for encouraging and supporting us throughout the school year. As for me, thank you for your patience and understanding as it was a learning year for me. The teachers and I have been blessed to work with you and your children this year. We appreciate the many ways you have shown your love and support. We are so thankful and grateful for you all.

With only two short months to prepare for next school year, we pray for each of our students and their families. We pray you use this time to relax and refresh to get ready for August. We will miss those of you who are moving on to another place, but we look forward to seeing the rest of you again next year!

All my love and prayers,

Ms. Jones