Different Doors

Different Doors

“Different Doors”

Greetings from RCA!  I am excited to be here as Principal to serve the teachers, students, and most importantly, God in service.  It is summertime for most, but we have already begun preparation for the upcoming 2023-24 school year!  There are some new and exciting things in the works so stay tuned to the website and social media outlets for announcements and upcoming events.   

I feel I should share a little about myself and my heart for you all to get to know me better.  I have been a middle and high school teacher for the last twenty-two years teaching a variety of subjects. I have three grown daughters and six grandchildren (3 boys and 3 girls).  I love the beach and being outdoors around any body of water.  Most days off and on weekends you can find me spending time with my family and friends or on a float listening to audiobooks. 

During my interview process, I was asked several times why I wanted to be a principal now after 22 years in the classroom?  To be honest, I didn’t really have an answer.  I had always loved the relationships I had with my students and co-workers, and I never planned to leave the classroom until I retired.  When I saw the job advertised in the bulletin that Sunday, I just knew I was supposed to submit my resume.  I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me to do so.  During each stage of my interview, I got more and more peace in my spirit that God was leading me to RCA.  I continued praying, having my family and close friends pray that God’s will would be clear. I shared all this and that I was aware that I did not have any principal experience in my interviews.  So, I just shared my heart: “Simply put- I know I am saved.  I know I love Jesus.  I know I love students and educators and how to form relationships with them.  I am a team player. If these are the characteristics you are looking for, then I am your person.” 

Since becoming the principal here at RCA, God continues to show me that I made the correct decision.  Ephesians 1:11 reminds us that God’s plan has a greater purpose than what we see.  “…for He chose us in advance, and He makes everything work out according to His plan.”  When we show God our willingness to trust Him in every situation, we become a part of that greater purpose.   

My second official day as principal, I had an amazing and unexpected start to my day.  I used a different door that morning to enter the building.  As I approached the door, fumbling to get my keys, I noticed there were three older gentlemen sitting at a table just inside the door.  One of them jumped up to get the door for me.  As I turned to thank him, the other two gentlemen stood up, and joined us.  I introduced myself as the new principal of Ridgecrest Christian Academy.  They were very excited about my new position and then asked if they could pray for me.  Pray not only for my day, but pray for the school, as well as our upcoming school year. I immediately told them I would love that, and those three, sweet men surrounded me, laid their hands on my shoulders, and prayed for me.  It was the perfect start to my day.  After praying, they shared with me that a group of them met every Tuesday morning to read the Bible and pray together. They told me to stop by any Tuesday morning and share any prayer requests with them.  As I thanked them and headed off to my office, one of them shook my hand and put something inside it as I pulled away. When I got to my office, I opened my hand to find this tiny cross in a pocket with a folded-up piece of paper.  I opened the paper, and it was a little poem about the Cross. It’s a reminder of many things that we don’t think about daily.  The Cross that should drive everything about our lives. The Cross that forgives all sin. The Cross that gives us life. The Cross that gives us eternal life and a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

In that moment, I smiled and thanked God for bringing me to RCA. I thanked Him for His divine appointment. I’m so thankful I chose a different door. 


In His Name, 

Ms. Deborah Jones 

Principal, Ridgecrest Christian Academy